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Friday, September 3, 2010

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Video -- Friends Racing 1000 Horsepower Toyota Aristo Drifting

Friends Racing is a tuning shop in Japan where they complete in the D1 Grand Prix professional drift series with several vehicles. One of the vehicles they use for the D1 Street Legal competition is this 1000 horsepower Toyota Aristo (USA Lexus GS300). Very cool car to watch drifting here at Nikko Circuit. Friends Racing Toyota Aristo Drift

Video -- AE86 vs. Honda Civic Type R

For 20+ years old the AE86 still has a lot of fight left in it. Keiichi Tsuchiya demonstrates in a battle against a Honda Civic Type R. AE86 vs. Honda Civic Type R

Video -- 2008 GT (Gran Turismo) Awards

Each year, Kazunori Yamauchi the CEO of Polyphony Digital comes to the SEMA Show to select one vehicle to be digitized and become part of gaming history as an official vehicle in the Gran Turismo video game franchise. 2008 GT Awards Ceremony

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